Zenity command and options

Zenity command is used to get a graphical pop-up text for any other command. we can use the “man zenity” command to get the manual for zenity command.

It is an open source and a cross-platform application which displays GTK+ Dialog Boxes in command-line and using shell scripts. It allows to ask and present information to/from shell in Graphical Boxes. The application lets you create Graphical dialog boxes in command-line and makes the interaction between user and shell very easy.


— calendar:- Display calendar dialog

— entry:- Display text entry dialog

— error:- Display error dialog

— file-selection:- Display file selection dialog

— info:- Display info dialog

— list:- Display list dialog

— notification:- Display notification

— progress:- Display progress indication dialog

— question:- Display question dialog

— text-info:- Display text information dialog

— warning:- Display warning dialog

— scale:- Display scale dialog

— color-selection:- Display color selection dialog

— password:- Display password dialog

— forms:- Display forms dialog

  1. Welcome:-

2. Calendar:-

3. Entry:-

4. Error:-

5. info:-

6. text-viewer:-

7. file-selection:-

8. Scale:-

9. question:-

10. progress:-

we can get more commands from the zenity manual

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